Age: About 2 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Harley is a 2 year old male Husky that came to us from animal care and control. While we are still learning more about Harley, we can tell you that he just loves people and dogs! If you are looking for a lovable and active family member, Harley is your guy!


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Age: Approx. 5 years
Sex: Female
Size: Average

Pretty Katie was surrendered to the SPCA because her owner had health problems and could no longer properly care for her, so she came into MaPaw with our promise of finding her a loving forever home. Katie is a shepherd/husky mix with a laid back personality, who LOVES people and gets along well with other dogs her own size.

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Age: 11 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Bucca is approximately 11 years old and was surrendered because his owner could no longer afford to care for him properly. He is a big couch potato with lots of love to give. He gets along well with other dogs, walks well on a leash and is housebroken



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Rest in Peace sweet Shelby. May you run pain free now, until we meet again…..

Age: 5 years

Shelby was turned in to a shelter with an UTI (urinary track infection), usually a condition cured with antibiotics. She has visited with our rescue vet and we are running blood tests to get down to the bottom of this.
Shelby is a love, she has settled in quickly at her foster home, so thankful to be part of a family again. She gets along with everyone.

In Memory of Callie

June 25-2014

It is with utter disbelief and devastation that I share Callie is
gone. May she Dance among the stars and wear her silver harness proudly. We will miss you sweet girl.

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Callie is a special girl ~ we tell her that each and every day. Callie is an epileptic and suffers from severe, multiple (cluster) seizures. She came into rescue when she was only a ten-month-old puppy and had been suffering from seizures shortly after birth. Her family was unable to provide the medication and environment necessary to monitor this little girl.

Medications have lessened the frequency of Callie’s seizures, however, she continues to have grand mal seizures several times a year. Callie is a happy girl, however, the violent seizures have taken their toll and she has suffered neurological damage. She remains an active and silly Siberian, however, will stumble often or fall over when just standing and has a slight delay in reacting. This doesn’t slow our special one down a bit!

Callie is now four years old and has become a permanent member of the MaPaw family. She delights us in her antics and we celebrate each seizure-free day. She is in a foster home where she can be monitored closely and has a wonderful canine neurologist, Dr. Jerry Northington of Metropolitan Veterinary Associates.

We have learned so much from Callie ~ never feel sorry for yourself, enjoy life to it’s fullest and pick yourself up when you fall. We are so happy we are able to care for her and provide her with a safe and happy life.

Callie is now 8 years old and has been in our rescue for seven years. We are so happy to share the news that she has been seizure-free since October 2010 – great job Callie!!In 2013 she had one seizure and is back to her old self. She is presently on Zonisamide (9 per day) and we are so happy it is helping her. She remains our happy, goofy girl that makes everyone smile and she is loved by all of the dogs. She has claimed the large (unused) fireplace in the MaPaw office as her day “crate” so we accommodate her with large fluffy comforters (no woodstove for us!) Please send sibe vibes that Callie continues to be seizure free and the medication continues to work for her.


In Memory of Nala

In Memory of Nala

6/23/14 – Today was a sad day at the farm. God saw that she was getting tired, and a cure was not meant to be. So he put his arms around her, and whispered “come with me”. With tearful eyes we watched her suffer, and watched her fade away. Although we loved her dearly we could not make her stay. A golden heart stopped beating, and a warm loving heart to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, that he only takes the best. Godspeed sweet girl, wear your silver harness proudly.




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In Memory of Sikora


October 13, 2014 – Our sweet little girl has crossed the Rainbow bridge. She was having difficulty getting around recently and was clearly uncomfortable. She passed surrounded by love. Please light a candle in her memory. We will never forget her. Rest in Peace, run pain free Sikora, until we meet again…..


Sikora’s family moved from a home with a large fenced in area to a home with no backyard. They love her dearly, but she is clearly unhappy with her current home and wants to be in a fenced area where she can enjoy watching the world go by. She most certainly is an indoor dog and enjoys being part of the family as well as relaxing outside.
This pretty 40-45 pound bi-eyed girl is great with young children and other dogs. She has been socialized since a puppy and gets along with everyone. She walks nicely on a leash.
Unfortunately Sikora’s health has declined. She’s losing her balance more often and is going through laser therapy to help with her spinal column. Please keep her in your prayers.


In Memory of Jazzi

3/31/14 -Tonight we wrapped our sweet, sweet girl in bear hugs and so many 
kisses. She began her final journey on this clear, cool night among 
the stars to the Bridge in a circle of love.

I had the honor of holding her all afternoon and she rewarded me by 
lifting her head once to gently kiss me. Pat carried her to the car 
and she kissed him. Our precious gift of good-bye. Our hearts are 
broken. She was part of the MaPaw family for three years.

Our blind senior was an amazing dog ~ not “special needs” but 
“special”. All afternoon “Amazing Grace” was in my mind and I sang it 
to her. She certainly wasn’t a wretch, but I know she can look down 
and see us.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see”

Never goodbye dear girl… Until we meet again. Wear your silver 
harness proudly ~ God speed baby. You are loved and your paw-prints 
are always on our hearts. Until we meet again…




Age: 11-12 years
Sex: Female
Size: Average


Crystal is a senior who came into rescue through CCSPCA. This girl has had several lumps removed that are benign. She is on medication for her weak back legs that are starting to give out. Crystal loves to cuddle and is quite a talker. Due to her health issues she is a permanent resident living with a loving foster family.

In Memory of Aero (Bobo)


July 16th, 2013 – Over the last year, Aero (Bobo) has continued to slow down. Geriatric bloodwork, confirmed he was in good health, he was just getting tired. Recently he was unable to get up and when assisted, he often fell. His mind was sharp and he wanted to be loved, but finally we knew it was time to give Bobo release from his stiffness, pain and confusion. This afternoon, after a special ice cream party and circled with those who loved him the most, Bo gently and peacefully began his final journey. God Speed dear friend ~ until we meet again.