Age: Approx. 5 years
Sex: Female
Size: Average

Pretty Katie was surrendered to the SPCA because her owner had health problems and could no longer properly care for her, so she came into MaPaw with our promise of finding her a loving forever home. Katie is a shepherd/husky mix with a laid back personality, who LOVES people and gets along well with other dogs her own size.

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Age: About 7-8 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average-Large

Nakai (and his fur bother Finian) recently lost their human mom to cancer, so each of the boys are looking for new homes, either separately or together. Nakai is a sweet boy who gets along with other dogs and seems to be very good with kids too. He LOVES being outside so he requires a bit of tough love to get him to come in, but he’s happy once inside. We’re not sure about Nakai’s prey drive yet, so just to be safe we recommend a home without cats or other small animals. One thing we do know about Nakai, is that he’s not a fan of joggers running too close, be we’re sure we can find a good human to accommodate his need for exercise in wide open spaces. Could it be you?



Age: About 5 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Finian (and his fur bother Nakai) recently lost their human mom to cancer, so each of the boys are looking for new homes, either separately or together. Finian is a sweet guy who can be a bit of a goofball. He does well with other dogs that enjoy husky-style play, and then he calms down nicely when playtime is over. Finian is usually up for a good game of chase (where he’s doing the chasing), and has a typical husky prey drive, so he needs a home without cats or other small animals! He has no food aggression whatsoever. Finian is a good guy who’s looking for a husky savvy human who will be a strong yet gentle leader. Could it be you?



Age: About 3 years
Sex: Female
Size: Average/Tall

Sweetheart Kendey originally came into MaPaw last autumn. She was immediately adopted by a loving human who is so sad to give her up due to work demands requiring him to be away from home for extended periods of time. Wanting only the best for Kendey, she’s back at MaPaw patiently waiting for a forever home. This pretty husky/shepherd mix is a tall blue eyed beauty! Kendey is a good natured girl who loves hanging out with her human. She’s friendly with people and other dogs, and is a typically energetic and playful young husky. Could Kendey be right for you?






Age: Appox. 5 years
Sex: Female
Size: Average

Codi is an affectionate girl with a happy wag. She’s friendly with some dogs and less so with others. Codi likes to have company so she would do best as an only dog in a house where someone is home most of the time. She’s a known escape artist and therefore Codi’s forever home must be appropriately fenced.

codi tryptic_7-25



Age: 3 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Rocky came into rescue as a result of being pulled from an abuse case. Thankfully his good nature is still in tact and this good boy enjoys people and other dogs. We’ll tell you more as we get to know Rocky better.



Achak (Jack)

Age: 6 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Handsome Achak’s name is Native American for Free Spirit.  This boy gets along well with other dogs and people but would prefer a home without small children.


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Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Meet Roger! This handsome, bi-eyed boy is very active, playful and smart! He loves people and other dogs, and is enjoying spending his days running and playing with his husky friends here at MaPaw!  If you are looking for a fun loving pup that is full of life and spunk, Roger is your boy!



Zeus & Demon

Age: 8 year old brothers
Sex: Male
Size: Large

These brothers, Demon (top left) and Zeus (lower right) are a bonded pair who’ve been together since birth. They’re looking for a forever home together with husky savvy humans. These guys ended up in rescue because life got too busy for their previous human to give them the time and exercise they deserve. Zeus and Demon are very friendly and lovable. They know their basic commands and walk well when on leash. True to breed, Zeus and Demon are happiest when they are with their humans, have a strong prey drive with small animals, love digging, and are seasoned escape artists. Their forever home needs to be appropriately fenced to keep them safely at home. They love riding in the car and are always ready to go on an adventure with you. These boys are absolutely wonderful dogs, so if looking for double the husky fun, then brothers Demon and Zeus could be perfect for you!


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Age: 4 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Silver is looking for a new home because his human mom is very ill and his family is no longer able to care for him. He’s a sweet guy who’s great with people and likes other dogs.