If you are a first-time Siberian Husky adopter, please do some research to learn about their somewhat challenging (yet endearing) traits. Learn more about Siberian’s here to find out if the breed’s unique characteristics are a match for your family and lifestyle. If you are already familiar with the breed and want to see who’s available, go to Our Available Dogs. Because our adoption process includes a preliminary home visit, our adoption area is limited to within a 100 mile radius of Boyertown, PA.

Steps for adopting a dog from MaPaw:
• Fill out MaPaw’s online adoption application. No fee is required to apply. Be sure to fill out the application completely, providing accurate phone numbers for each reference. Once the application has been received and reviewed, our volunteers will process the application by contacting your references and verifying all information on your application. We check all references! PLEASE GIVE US 1-2 WEEKS TO PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION!!

• Let your references know that we will be calling so that your application can be completed without delay. Please call your vet and authorize them to speak with us since they are unable to release information without your consent (which would delay your application). We will be verifying that your current pets have been cared for appropriately and are up to date on required vaccinations.

• A home visit will be scheduled if your application is approved. After that one of our volunteers will visit your home to ensure that your house and yard meet the requirements for a Siberian Husky. Once your house is proven Sibe-ready, we will schedule an appointment to bring the MaPaw pup you applied for to your house to meet all family members, both human and canine. If everyone gets along and seems comfortable, the adoption will be finalized at your home at that time.

MAPAW ADOPTION FEES: Fees help to offset our cost of caring for each dog that comes into MaPaw.
Included are spay/neuter procedures, all vaccinations, and a microchip.

Dogs up to 1 year: $550

Dogs 1 year and older: $400

Seniors: At the discretion of MaPaw

Special Needs Dogs: At the discretion of MaPaw

Each dog adopted from MaPaw receives the following:
• Complete veterinary examination
• Routine vaccines
• Heartworm Test and preventative
• Lyme Disease Test
• Spay or neuter (if not already done before coming to MaPaw)
• Microchip
• Flea and tick preventative
• For our senior dogs, bloodwork is done to monitor body functions