Age: 9 years
Sex: Female (yes, Jake is a female)
Size: Large

Jake is a very friendly shepherd/husky mix who came into rescue because her longtime companion was very ill, and he decided to let Jake go now because he wanted to make sure that she would be in the hands of people who would find her a loving and happy forever home. We promise to do that!

Jake is a great girl who lived her life contentedly as an only dog, and she really misses her longtime friend and the comfort of being in a home. She wags when she meets strangers and is very affectionate. Her human reported that they spent most of their time inside, but also took many nice walks together. Jake had free run of her house and was always a very good girl who is well house trained. She shows no signs of food aggression but she can be a bit possessive with her toys (squeaky toys are favorite). Jake has a strong prey drive toward small animals, so no cats or other small pets. She’d also prefer to live without other dogs or children.

Jake would be happiest in a quiet home with one or more adults who are around much of the time because she’s used to constant companionship and feels anxious when left alone. If you spend a lot of time at home and are ready to be loved by a truly wonderful senior dog who wants to be a great companion to a special someone, then maybe Jake would be the perfect new best friend for you.

jake tryptic_2


Congratulations Chicklet!

Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Size: Small

This good natured cutie came into rescue after being found as a stray. Chicklet is friendly and energetic, and shows no signs of food aggression. She gets along with other dogs and is happy to meet new human and dog friends. Chicklet is a diamond in the rough and would do well with someone who will enjoy continuing to work with her teaching her commands and good doggy manners.

chicklet tryptic-1


Age: 1 1/2 years
Sex: Female
Size: Small

Cutie-pie Jessie is happy and energetic brown eyed beauty husky mix. Jessie was brought into rescue because she was spending too much time alone due to her dad’s busy work schedule, and he wanted this sweet girl to have all of the attention she deserves. Jessie is crate trained, housebroken, good with children, and gets along with most other dogs. She shows no signs of food aggression or possessiveness with her toys. Jessie knows sit and down commands, enjoys riding in the car, and is good on a leash. Jessie is a great young pup!



Age: 2 years
Sex: Female
Size: Small

Maggie has come into rescue because she was showing her true husky traits and escaping from her family’s yard. She is a friendly and energetic little girl. Maggie is a sweet dog who is housebroken, and gets along well with both people and most other dogs.

maddie dyptic

Do you have questions about Maggie? Send an email.

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Age: 8 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Snickers, also known as Snitch, is a loving, cuddly, and funny boy who would like nothing more than to spend his time being your loyal companion. He knows his basic commands and is good with most other dogs. Snitch is a senior, but still enjoys getting out for a good walk. He does well on a leash and is fine in the car. He’s got some mild separation anxiety but responds very well to over the counter medication to help him relax and stay calm. He can be a bit possessive when it comes to his food and toys, so this dear dog would do better in a family with just adults, or with children who are older. Snickers is a great dog who is ready and waiting to offer loads of love to that special someone.

snitch tryptic


~ Congratulations Coco!!! ~

Age: 7 years
Sex: Female
Size: Average

Meet Coco, a very affectionate and loving husky/shepherd mix. Coco is in rescue because her family downsized to smaller home. Space was too tight for she and another family dog, and the other dog forcefully claimed the space. (You can see some of the injuries on her leg, but she’s healing well.) Luckily for a special someone, Coco is looking for a new forever home. She is timid at first, but this sweetie will be rolling on her back and wagging for a belly rub as soon as she gets comfortable. Coco is house trained, completely friendly, and walks beautifully on a leash. A quiet home with just adults and maybe another mellow dog companion would make her happiest.

coco-2 tryptic


~ Congratulations Balto! ~

Age: 1 year old
Sex: Male
Size: Small to Average

Looking for a fun companion to liven things up? If your answer is yes, then Balto could be just right for you. Balto is a young energetic black and white husky with bright blue eyes. He is crate trained, housebroken, and knows his basic commands. Balto is strong willed so he needs a husky savvy human to help him with continuing to learn good doggy manners. He enjoys playing with other dogs but can get overly excited and needs reminders to play politely. He enjoys a good long walk topped off with a game of fetch (he’s quite good at it). This boy loves to chew and will happily take care of any stray sticks laying around your yard. Balto is funny and happy affectionate dog who would love to snuggle up with you for a nice head rub.

balto tryptic


Congratulations Shadow!

Age: 1 yr old
Sex: Male
Size: Small

Shadow is an adorable black and white husky with dark brown eyes. His former family describes him as being a good listener who also enjoys talking to you in that way that only huskies can. Shadow knows his basic commands and gets along well with other dogs, but should be in a home without cats or other small animals. He enjoys hanging out outside, and loves going for walks. He pulls a bit when on leash but a little more training could fix that. Shadow is a good jumper and digger, so he’ll need a home with a securely fenced yard. He’s a sweet, fun boy who loves to play, and even though we haven’t seen it yet, we understand that he dances the cha cha!