Age: 9 years
Sex: Female (yes, Jake is a female)
Size: Large

Jake is a very friendly shepherd/husky mix who came into rescue because her longtime companion was very ill, and he decided to let Jake go now because he wanted to make sure that she would be in the hands of people who would find her a loving and happy forever home. We promise to do that!

Jake is a great girl who lived her life contentedly as an only dog, and she really misses her longtime friend and the comfort of being in a home. She wags when she meets strangers and is very affectionate. Her human reported that they spent most of their time inside, but also took many nice walks together. Jake had free run of her house and was always a very good girl who is well house trained. She shows no signs of food aggression but she can be a bit possessive with her toys (squeaky toys are favorite). Jake has a strong prey drive toward small animals, so no cats or other small pets. She’d also prefer to live without other dogs or children.

Jake would be happiest in a quiet home with one or more adults who are around much of the time because she’s used to constant companionship and feels anxious when left alone. If you spend a lot of time at home and are ready to be loved by a truly wonderful senior dog who wants to be a great companion to a special someone, then maybe Jake would be the perfect new best friend for you.

jake tryptic_2

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