In Memory of Snickers

Snickers came to us as a stray and her exact age was unknown but she was definitely ten plus, probably closer to twelve.

She was definitely “daddy’s girl”, she waited by the garage door long after Pat left each morning and always greeted him when he came home. She loved to ride in his truck. She and I had a lot in common ~ two feisty broads with a lot to say. Our hearts are broken and there is a huge void in our home.

Snickers girl, wear your harness proudly. We had you for far too short of a time, but you will be forever in our hearts. Dance among the stars to the Bridge and join all of the other MaPaw fur-angels where you will be young again and can play like a puppy. Never forget how much we love you. I am so happy you spent your final time with us, thank you for your incredible gift.

Kathy and Pat

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