Chance & Shasta

Chance & Shasta

Age: 4 years
Sex: Males
Size: Large
Chance and Shasta

Chance and Shasta are very handsome Siberian Husky/German Shepard Dogs that are four years old. These boys have the very best of both breeds. Chance has more tan markings and Shasta more cream, each with saddle markings. These brothers have been together through thick and thin and are a bonded pair. They depend on each other and can only go to a family that will keep them together.

Chance and Shasta are approximately 70 pounds each and while playful, they are past the puppy stage. They love to hang out together and be around people. They are good with most other dogs, however, they would be best in a home just with each other.

Sadly, both boys were in a home that was unable to care for them as they got bigger. If you are interested in new friends to keep you company and ready for a long term commitment, these two boys may be just perfect for you!



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