Skeeter 2
Age: 11 months
Sex: Male
Size: Small

Congratulations Skeeter!!

Skeeter is a handsome and very active 11-month-old husky puppy who is full of curiosity and mischief. He was given up by his original family for being too active. True to the breed, Skeeter needs a lot of activity and canine playtime to channel his energy ~ a tired husky is a good husky!
Skeeter is a very smart boy and knows “sit” and takes treats nicely. He is good on a leash, Siberian-style with some pulling. He is wonderful with other dogs and people and will benefit from consistent training. He is the typical Siberian Husky puppy ~ active, energetic , playful and goofy.
Skeeter will be best in a home with a sturdy, tall fence to keep him safe and sound, another canine playmate his size or larger, and someone who will have the patience and consistency to further his training. If you think Skeeter might be a good match for us, please let us know!

Skeeter 1


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