Henry~Congratulations Henry!

Age: 4 months
Sex: Male
Size: Puppy

Henry is a four month old red and white husky puppy that loves everyone. A game starting up? Henry is ready! New dogs to meet? First in line is Henry! This puppy is delighted with everything around him and is constantly playing and exploring.

Henry was purchased by a family that wasn’t ready for an intense husky puppy and the attention and training necessary. “Oh Henry” is as sweet as the candy bar, however, needs a loving, structured home where he can grow and mature.

Henry is an adorable pup, but ishigh energy and will benefit with another dog to play with and tire him out.
“A tired husky is a good husky”. His ideal home will be with another husky and a solid fence to keep him safe and sound.

If you are ready for the puppy challenge and have the time and patience to devote to Henry, please contact us about this wonderful pup.




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