maddie-mediumAge: Approximately 11 Months
Sex: Female
Size: Petite

Congratulations Maddie!!!

Maddie is an 11 month old female Siberian Husky puppy with an all white coat and baby blue eyes. She joined MaPaw with her “sister” Brook when her daddy was called for service and stationed abroad. She and Brook have lived and played together for all of their lives, and it is our hope to place them together. They are not related and were in different litters, however, it is obvious that they rely on each other and are a “team”.

Maddie is full of life and curiosity and is a typical husky puppy that needs a lot of canine play and activity to keep her from becoming bored. A tired husky is a good husky! A strong 6′ fence will be best to keep her safe and sound.

Maddie loves to play with Brook and the others and is full of energy. She is also very affectionate and will seek you out for some quality cuddle time.

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