phoenix-mediumAge: 5 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Congratulations Phoenix!!!

Phoenix is a five year old teddy bear of a husky. This sweet boy thinks he is just fluffy, but diet and exercise are already showing a difference. Phoenix was cared for and loved by his family, but life changes forced the family to arrange for Phoenix to find a new home that would also love him.

Phoenix is a very sweet boy that loves people, especially kids. He has lived with five kids, one of which was a toddler that loved to play with Phoenix. He is trustworthy in the house. He was crated for his first year and then he was allowed to have the run of the house.

Phoenix loves walks and is good on a leash after the first five minutes of excitement. He enjoys car rides and plays fetch. He likes to be brushed, playing with his Kong and will sing upon request. He knows sit, lay down, paw and even stay. Phoenix loves everyone he meets!

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