Tyco’s Happy Tail

When MaPaw first found out about Tyco, he had just been returned to the shelter by the family that had adopted him 6 months earlier. Without explanation, they brought Tyco back severely underweight. The shelter environment was too stressful for poor Tyco and his caretakers noticed that the poor boy seemed more depressed as each day passed.

We couldn’t wait to get this handsome boy with the sad brown eyes into rescue and back on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, during his first routine visit to the rescue vet, it was discovered that he was also heartworm positive. Before we could even consider the heartworm treatment, Tyco needed to gain some weight so that his body could tolerate it.

Here’s a photo of Tyco shortly after he joined MaPaw.

Under the care of his foster Mum and Dad, Tyco soon gained enough weight to undergo treatment. Three months later, Tyco had successfully completed treatment and gained back his confidence. When he was ready to find his furever home, we posted his story on this blog and highlighted him on MaPaw’s site. Much to our delight, Alicia had been keeping an eye on Tyco’s status waiting for him to be ready for adoption. At his first meet and greet, Alicia and Mike were there to meet Tyco and fell in love. Soon after, Tyco found his furever home with them and he’s so loving family life!!

We just love happy tails!

Join us on October 10th in Tyler State Park for the 3rd annual Hike N Howl where we hope our wonderful pups find their own happy tails!

~ Chloe

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