2 Months Until the Hike N Howl!!!

Good evening Puppers ~

Did you know that it’s exactly 2 months from today until the Hike N Howl in Tyler State Park???

Last year was so much fun and a great success. We are looking forward to even more rescues, vendors and hikers this year.

Hike N Howl is an annual event organized by the Alliance of Northern Breed Rescues (MaPaw and Delaware Valley SHR). This event is an opportunity for two rescues that share the same mission to gather their resources in order to raise much-needed funds for both of the rescues.

There will be other rescues joining us in the park to showcase their available pets and educate about their organization. There will also be pet-related vendors. We are excited to be able to offer CGC testing again this year as well. There will something for everyone at this year’s Hike N Howl!

Click here to learn more about the Hike!

If you are interested in hiking, click here to register today!

Please come join us for a fun-filled day in the park and make a difference by helping us help our homeless canine companions.

Hope to see you there!!

~ Chloe

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