The Tale of Two Chloes

Hello Puppers ~

It seems that we have successfully confused many of our readers as to which Chloe is which. So one of our good friends, Aleeya, asked that we post pictures of both Chloes to help figure it out.

Princess Chloe (not the Chloe writing this post) is pictured here in her shades. Her pack includes Boston, Taser, Sage, Callie and Aero (a new foster who is in need of MAJOR TLC).

I, Princess Chloe’s Side-Sibe, am pictured below. My pack includes Niko, Scout and Delilah. I live about 45 minutes north of Princess Chloe.

Princess Chloe is about a year older than me. When I came into rescue, I had no name (I was a stray). Kathy took one look at me and said, “She looks just like my Chloe”. My foster Mum agreed, so my name became Chloe. I was just a pup when Pat and Kathy dropped me off at my foster home. I loved it ~ dogs to play with, a yard to dig in and a giant water bowl with an endless supply of water (I know because I kept trying to empty it on the kitchen floor and the darn thing kept filling up!). I liked it so much that after only 8 days, I convinced my foster parents that I needed to stay. They agreed and I’ve been here ever since.

I hope this helps with the confusion!!

~ Chloe

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