Slow and Steady…

Hello Puppies ~
I thought we’d give you a little update on our 3 pups from Harrisburg. These 3 boys came from an abuse case along with 6 other pups. We brought them into rescue and got them settled in their foster homes. Each foster home understood that these poor boys needed a lot of extra special TLC before they would be ready to find their furever homes.

Gabe was the first to join MaPaw. He arrived at his foster home very skinny and painfully shy to human contact. His foster family has been working with him to gain his trust, but he is still frightened of sudden movements and noises. However, Gabe loves to play with the other pups in his foster home.

Dakota was the next one to join his foster family. Like Gabe, Dakota is frightened of human contact. His foster family is very patient with him and trying their best to gain his trust. He is playing with the dogs in his foster home.

Tundra was the last of the 3 to join MaPaw. He does have an issue with his ears that we are currently treating. Like his brothers, he is hesitant to trust humans but enjoys the company of the other dogs in his foster home.

Gabe, Dakota and Tundra are making improvements every day and we are so proud of them and their foster homes. We know that they will someday be ready to find their furever homes. Until then their days will be filled with encouraging words, gentle kisses and loving pets.

Slow and steady ~ each day with these guys is a blessing.

~ Chloe

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