Congrats to Some of Our Friends…

Hello Puppies ~
This weekend, 2 more of our pups found their furever homes!!

Indie first met his new family on Thursday and went back the following day to move in. He is very prepared to be spoiled rotten. Between you and I, he is one handsome fella…

Buddy AKA Sterling also moved in with his new family this past weekend. His new Mom adores him and he settled right in. His new Mom even works with his Foster Mom so we will be getting plenty of updates and photos.

We are so happy for both of our boys. Good luck to them and their new families!

On to another topic ~ SNOW!!! I don’t about you guys, but I’d like to know where all of the snow is. I mean it is winter, right? We had a few inches fall this past weekend, but I’d like the kind of snow that I could lose my brother in (he he he)…

Oh well…..

I guess I’ll just have to gather my toys and wait for the next snowstorm.

~ Chloe

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