Is the Weekend Over Already???

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already! Where did the weekend go?

This morning my Mum was horrified to discover a frozen dead mouse laying in the yard. You should have seen the face she made ~ ha ha ha!! Scout and I have been digging in the woods for a few days and I guess now our secret is out ~ we’ve been digging for little furry mice! Oh well. Enough about me and my goofy bro…..

This weekend was a relatively quiet weekend for MaPaw, which isn’t a bad thing. Every pup needs a rest once in a while.

Brandy had some visitors yesterday. She was on her best behavior and I think she made a good impression. Stay tuned to see how things work out for this sassy little redhead.

Today some of MaPaw’s foster dogs and their sibe friends got together at Dog Town for a couple of hours of fun and play husky style! We weren’t able to make it today, but hopefully someone that was there will share some pics with us…

Here’s a great way to start out your week ~ watch this video of Cota. This guy is one cool dude!

~ Chloe

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