Could It Be????

THE SNOW IS FALLING!!!! I have been patiently waiting all day and it’s finally here! I can’t wait to see how much is on the ground tomorrow morning when I wake up….

Last night, Princess Chloe told you about Tabatha and Sabrina ~ those 2 senior gals that were going to their forever home today. Unfortunately because of the weather, their trip had to be postponed. I know the gals were looking forward to meeting their new Mum, but everyone’s safety is much too important to take a chance. They won’t have to wait much longer because their trip has already been rescheduled for Monday.

Also, please keep Phoenix in your thoughts. Tomorrow is his big day and he will be having the eye surgery that his 2 angels have sponsored. Since poor Phoenix has glaucoma, he’s been having some discomfort. The doc is going to remove a portion of each of his eyes, which will then be replaced with prosthetics. We are so excited for Phoenix and hope that after tomorrow his eyes won’t cause him any more pain. We are sending him lots of sibe vibes and husky kisses. We’ll post an update tomorrow as soon as we hear from his foster Mum.

Gotta go play in the snow!!!

~ Chloe

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