Guest Blogger

Hi puppies, I know, I know, it has been a long time since I wrote anything. Sometimes I just cannot keep up with everything I want to do, so I have asked a friend of mine if she could help me out on the blog. The little, brown dog in the foreground here is my friend, Sammy. She was referred through MaPaw when she was looking for a new home. That means she never lived with a MaPaw foster family, but stayed with her first family while MaPaw looked for a new home, then she went directly there. Sammy and her new mom were happy to have found each other, so they decided to volunteer for MaPaw and help some other puppies in need.
When I started fostering Radar I said, Hey, you should meet this other little, brown dog I know, and Sammy came over to my house to play for a while. She liked Radar best because they are both small and quick, so they could play really fast games of chase.
So, in case you were wondering, everyone here is doing fine and we are still fostering Radar. I will catch you up on some details, but in the meantime, welcome Sammy to blogland and hear about some of her adventures.

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