It’s Sammy’s World….

Hello Puppies! Sammy here. I’m very excited to be helping with the MaPaw blog. Being an only dog, I usually only get to share stories with my mom. She’s cool and all, but I do some pretty awesome stuff that the world needs to hear about!

Here’s a little update on what’s going on in my world: I am half way through my obedience classes. They are pretty fun, actually! Nicole from Cubby’s Canine Castle in Bluebell, PA is my trainer. I go to daycare there too so she and I hang out a lot. I’d recommend it to any puppies in the area.!

Dawkin is also in my class so I get to hear about his new family. He likes them a lot and is being a good husky by giving them a hard time in class. He’ll have them trained very soon (or should that be the other way around?). Mom says I’m a perfect student when it’s just her and me: I get distracted when other pups are around ­ but who wouldn’t?! Daycare is a lot of fun, too. They say that I’m “funny” – the good kind of funny, though ­ promise! I led them on a 10 minute chase one day when I got the zoomies in the play area. Hehehe. I’m so fast that everybody has a hard time catching me. It’s quite a fun game to play with bi-peds, but they never look very happy until I let them win.

I hope everybody had a great weekend! More of my antics to come! Before I go, if anybody wants to post their own stories on the Mapaw blog, you are WELCOME to. We love to hear about what everydoggy is up to. Email me (or my mom) for more info. I hope everybody had a grrrrrrreat weekend and I hope to see you at the playdate this Sunday!


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