Well Puppies, after Bella’s visit here we were ready for our next foster dog. Meet Radar. He had been out wandering but someone caught him and took him to a shelter so he would not have to suffer the cold weather. Mama and Papa took Blue to evaluate Radar and thought he seemed like a nice doggie, so he came to live with us until he finds a home. Radar was not doing very well at the shelter. He barked a lot at other male dogs and was skittish around people, but after being with us a few days he is really coming out of his shell. He did not have any trouble meeting all the boys (and one girl) here, but he did not want to play right away. I guess it is pretty intimidating for a little dog to come into a pack of big dogs.

Radar is a handsome mix of browns, tans, and black. We thought he looked a bit like a Shiba Inu, so we looked into that breed and found that they come in this color scheme, called sesame. Shiba’s are generally lively, independent, fearless dogs. They love being around people and other dogs, but are not usually good with smaller pets like rodents. That description sounds a lot like a Husky to me.As Radar is gaining confidence at our house he is definitely showing that lively spirit (and getting into some trouble with Mama and Papa) so we are happy to play with him and help him eat the food he steals from the table and counters. I always enjoy learning about other breeds when we get to foster mixes.
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