We Flunked

So Puppies, I mentioned Blue when I talked about the last meet & greet. What I did not mention is that Blue came to my house after that event. Princess was off to her new home and we knew Blue was lonely at the kennel where he was staying because he kept escaping his run to climb into the runs of other dogs staying there. The kennel has plenty of Siberian experience, but they could not contain Blue and he was doing a lot of expensive damage while they were kind enough to house him for us. Mama met Blue a couple weeks before that when she took pictures for our website and evaluated him. As she held his paws, took away toys, and turned him on his back, Blue gave her kisses and rolled in the grass. Mama wanted to start fostering him right then, but our house was full, so we had to wait.It is an occupational hazard, Puppies. We love every dog we foster. We welcome them into our hearts and home. We care for them as a part of the family. When they go on to their new homes, it is always a bittersweet feeling as a piece of us goes with them. Once in a while, there is a dog who thrives in our family, a dog who fits so perfectly in our pack that we cannot say goodbye. Blue fit into our home as if he was returning after an absence rather than arriving for the first time. Bailey, Ananya, and I usually disagree about which foster dogs are our favorites, but we all love Blue, so we had a talk with Mama and Papa and now we are four.

Naturally we will continue to foster and share with you the stories of Siberian resilience, but Blue’s happy ending tale comes at the same time as his introduction. Join me in welcoming my new little brother, Blue.
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