Visiting with Friends

Hi Puppies, this week we are puppy-sitting another one of our former foster dogs. Deeko is the very first dog for whom Mama and Papa found a home. He was wandering through the woods with both eyes crusted from entropion. MaPaw got him the veterinary care he needed and found him a home with two Siberian brothers. That home is also with a good friend of ours so we get to visit Deeko often.

He always was a grump. Deeko’s big brother Knanook (not the Newfy) may be an old man now, but he can still beat up Blue now and then. Knanook is the first Siberian Husky Mama and Papa knew, and they liked him so much they decided to rescue Siberians. I am certainly grateful that Nook demonstrated the delightful Siberian character.Nook puts the smackdown on Blue.Here you can enjoy the music Deeko and his other brother Logan have brought to my home.

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