Princess takes the Plunge

I was surprised how much Maximus enjoyed swimming in the deep water, but Princess was no surprise. She hated it. She will not have to worry about going on that hike again, though, because she has moved to her new home! Teddy and his dad saw Princess online and came out to one of our meet & greets to get to know her. Poor Teddy does not travel well and vomited on himself, but he said it was worth it to him to find such a sweet sister.

Teddy felt much better when Princess made the drive to his house. Princess and Teddy hit it off immediately. They ran out in the back yard and had such a good time playing Mama could not focus the camera on them. Finally they stopped a moment to catch their breath and Mama got a shot of them smiling at each other.

We do not have to worry about Princess roaming the streets like she did at her previous home. Teddy has a secure yard where she can run, plus she could not possibly find anything outside the fence that would be as fun as her new big brother.
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