Random Facts

Okay, I am a little late with this response, but Indy tagged me to name 7 random facts about myself. I was going to make a list of every fact about me and then use a random numbers table to assist me in picking 7 random facts, but I soon realized a list of facts about me, or about anyone for that matter, would be infinite. Also, there are many facts about me that I do not know, such as the diameter of my liver or the date of my birth. Then Mama explained that Indy really just wanted to know 7 interesting facts not necessarily related to each other except for being about me. Well, that is a whole different project. I put away the random numbers table and tried to think of 7 things you do not already know, which was a pretty difficult task as well.

1. I do not play with toys. The brief moments I play with my siblings are few and far between. I just have no interest in toys. I will fight to the death for a tube of cardboard, although no one has actually required a fight to the death to let me have my cardboard tube.

2. I sunbathe. Do not get me wrong, I like cold weather as much as the next Nordic dog, but I also like to sleep in the afternoon sunlight. I will lie in the sunny yard until Mama chases me back in the house or until I am panting heavily. Then I will go cool off in the air conditioning.

3. I sleep next to my brother, Bailey. I have a bed made of folded blankets that Mama and Papa originally put in my own space, but I wanted to be right next to Bailey, so they moved my bed. I like it if he rests a paw or two on me so I know he is keeping me safe.

4. I lick my paws. There is a thin spot on each of my fore paws where I have licked until the fur stopped growing back. It is just a nervous habit like humans biting their finger nails. The vet said she sees that habit often with rescue dogs. She is not concerned as long as my skin remains healthy.

5. I am afraid of shiny floors. I do not remember ever having an accident on a shiny floor, but I am not the most graceful Sibe so they make me nervous. I have to be very careful when I cross the bit of shiny floor between the kitchen tile and livingroom rug.

6. I have a high prey drive. I know many of you have mentioned chasing birds or bunnies. One time I mistook my 30 lb. cousin for a groundhog and shook her. She was not hurt except for two punctures, but I am not allowed to play with her any more. Mama and Papa say there is a 40 lb. minimum weight for any animal coming into our house.

7. I love to cuddle. Sometimes Mama and I cuddle on the couch for a nap. Sometimes Maximus cuddles with me for my afternoon sunbathing. Even Bailey does not fuss if I cuddle up a bit during a night time thunderstorm. I am not fast or graceful and I do not play, but boy can I cuddle.
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