Hi Puppies! Dawkin here! I am still hanging out at my recovery home even though I feel great. My foster parents here are super nice and they’ve been taking good care of me. They set up a temporary dog run for me so I couldn’t go bounding across the yard. I miss running, but at least I have enough space to enjoy the fresh air, sniff the grass, and lie down in the shade.

I also have my own entrance into my private clubhouse. They have other dogs living here that I can hear and smell, but I am not supposed to play with them while I’m recovering, so I have my own space.

Puppies, you would never believe who I spotted from my run. Jasper! Look at him running around the yard while I’m stuck in this pen. Clearly he’s recovered from his heartworm treatment. I suppose he’s out there having a good time with his brothers. I can’t wait to be done with all this recovering.I’ll let you know when I’m finally done and can return to Magnum’s house to run and play again. I bet I can really pounce on everyone there now that I will be able to see them.

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