Chena at Home

Hi Puppies, remember Chena? She was the frightened Alaskan Husky who lived with us in December before finding a forever home with another Alaskan Husky, Kenai. Chena’s new Mama and Papa recently e-mailed us to let us know she is still doing well. As you can see, Chena and Kenai are a perfect fit. Who would have imagined two Husky mixes from Alaska would find each other in Maryland? We are overjoyed that our timid, little Chena found a brother to play chase with her and keep her safe. Thank you, Kenai. Also, thank you Chena’s adoptive Mama and Papa for giving our girl the warm, loving home she deserves. We are grateful to all people who open their homes to rescue dogs, whether those dogs come from MaPaw, another rescue, a shelter, or a cornfield. Most of us are no longer adorable puppies and we certainly are not perfect dogs, but we deserve the love of families all our own. Thank you to everyone who has shown the patience and commitment to build a home with a homeless dog.
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