Hike N Howl 2007

Okay Puppies, I am sorry I have not been around blog land as much lately. I have been very busy plotting an exciting event – Hike N Howl 2007!

MaPaw has teamed up with Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue to plan a hike as well as a slew of other activities that will support northern breed rescue. You may have already read about this event from other blogging dogs who are participating. You can help all of us by sponsoring any one of us. Since I am going to hike for all my homeless Husky friends, I began training last weekend. Here we are approaching the start line from the parking area. It is horribly hot here, so we all wore icy bandanas to keep us cool. Next to the parking area there is a big field with plenty of space for vendors of cool dog products, lots of other dog rescues, and awesome demonstrations like sled pulling and fur spinning.

Can you imagine yarn made of spun Magnum fur? Maybe I could crochet a sweater for Maximus until his fur returns. Anyway, the trail had a lot of interesting things to sniff. Mama and Papa seemed to enjoy looking at all the old buildings. I sniffed under the doors of some of them. Also, we saw squirrels, rabbits, birds, and deer, none of which we could chase for some reason. Here I am marking the trail so the hikers will be able to find their way.

I am so helpful. So, if you check the sidebar under MaPaw’s profile, you will see a button you can use to support me. Just below that button is a logo link to the hike’s website where you can find more information all about the activities planned for September 1st. As we approach the big day, that website will keep you all updated on the events schedule, the cool gear, and the companies supporting our efforts. By the way, there are some really awesome designs for shirts and other gear, so you should definitely check out the store. Even if you cannot make it to the hike, you can be there in spirit with your cool t-shirt. If you can make it that day, here is a sample of the cool sights you will see while helping homeless dogs.

Well, if walking here is this exciting on a regular day, imagine how fun it will be when the park is filled with Siberians and other rescued puppies. The park even has a water fountain just for us puppies!

So come join me in Norristown Farm Park on September 1st and do not forget to sponsor me in my effort to help Siberians in need.

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