Codey’s New Home

Well Puppies, after several weeks of work, Codey made a lot of progress in learning to be less spoiled and in listening to the humans. Of course he is a very sweet, fun-loving Husky and we were able to enjoy him more and more as he got into less trouble. So, about a week ago Codey went to his new family!

His new people arranged two playdates between Codey and their senior Sibe, Lobo, to make sure the two dogs would get along with each other. They were looking for a younger dog who could bring out Lobo’s puppyish playfulness without being too rough on him since he is an old man. Lobo showed Codey around the house and did not mind when Codey dug through the toy basket. He is about the most laid back Husky I have ever met. Also, he does not care much about toys, so it is no big deal when Codey hoards a bit. In return, Codey plays chase with Lobo in the big fenced yard and settles down nicely in the house when Lobo needs a break. They are a great match. Mama and Papa say they feel confident that Codey’s new people will be able to continue his training since they have done such a wonderful job raising Lobo to be a sweet, lovable boy. We are so happy to see Codey go to a family who loves him for everything that he is while helping him reach his fullest potential.

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