Always Full

Hi Puppies, Magnum here. Dawkin has developed a new pain – a pain in the butt of the foster parents trying to limit his activity! He is being a bouncy, energetic, noisy puppy who refuses to rest like he should. So, maybe you have been wondering which fosters are staying here now that Dawkin is in another foster home. Of course another foster dog jumped into the space Dawkin left behind. So let me introduce you all to Princess, my first all white foster dog.

Princess is a playful little girl who just wants to be with Mama and Papa all the time. Her previous people allowed Princess to travel the streets of Allentown alone. Clearly that was not very safe for her so MaPaw has promised her a family who will play with her and make sure she does not wander.Our camera has quit, but Papa managed to get these photos before Princess joined us here. She is a little confused about how to play with other puppies, but we are all being patient with her while she learns. Mama and Papa cannot take Princess anywhere without needing to stop for strangers who want to fawn over her, so we think she will find a loving family soon.

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