Help for Our Special Sibes

Puppies, MaPaw has taken on a few special needs dogs lately and we are feeling it.

You have been following the story of Jasper and his heartworm treatment. Recently he spent a night at the vet on oxygen just to make sure he was getting enough despite all his coughing. He is back at home and still resting.
Then there was Maximus, who had glaucoma. His right eye was sightless and painfully swollen. The vet says severe glaucoma feels like having a migraine 24/7. Obviously we needed to hurry to relieve him from that pain by removing the eye and starting him on preventative medicine to keep his left eye safe from the same fate.

Just this week we took in another dog named Dawkin who has the early stages of glaucoma and we are rushing to save his beautiful blue eyes so that he will not have to lose them.

There is good news among all these challenges.

Standing Stone Media and a “secret” sibe-loving friend have issued a challenge – They will match any donation for our special needs sibes dollar for dollar up to $3500.00!!!!!! Woo Woo!!!!

So now we need all the help we can get. Tell your humans to click the “Make a Donation” button in the sidebar or visit our website to read more and make a donation from there. We try not to beg too often, but right now we really need it and whatever donation you can manage will count double! MaPaw sends out a big THANK WOO to Standing Stone Media, our anonymous friend, and all of you, who I know will give what you can.

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