New Foster Dog, New Foster Home

Hi puppies, Magnum here again, finally. It has been pretty slow at my house lately, but yesterday MaPaw welcomed Diamond, a new foster dog looking for a home. Diamond is used to spending most of her time in a crate because her previous family did not make time for her, but they finally did right by Diamond when they turned her over to MaPaw. Here Diamond is so happy she is spinning for joy.

Mama picked up Diamond from the nice lady who contacted MaPaw for help. After a quick stop at the vet, Diamond was ready to go to her foster home. They picked up Papa and took a mini walk to give Diamond and Mama a break from the long car ride. There they got Diamond to sit still for about two seconds to get this picture.

Peanut is a friendly, low-key Samoyed who signed up her people to be foster parents for MaPaw a few weeks ago. Peanut has a brother named Hannibal who is a Himalayan, so we had to find a foster dog who would get along with everyone there. Peanut graciously welcomed Diamond into her home and showed her the wealth of toys and spacious back yard.
Diamond ran back and forth across the back yard, exploring her new space and sticking her nose in the recently formed puddles to blow bubbles. Then she went inside to play tug and get some belly rubs. Diamond is a social girl who will really blossom in a family where she is given the time and attention she needs.

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