Rickee Revisited

Hello Puppies. Before I begin today’s post, I would like to say another big big THANK WOO to everyone for supporting us while we help all our special Siberians. We are thrilled to be able to help these Sibes return to good health and find new families who will take better care of them.

On to the news of the week. Do you remember last fall, in the early days of our blog, reading what my papa wrote about the happy tail of Rickee? Well, Rickee is one lucky pup to have a family that adores him and takes such good care of him, but this week they went on vacation, which means we get to hang out with Rickee!

After adopting Rickee, the new family saw how much Rickee drank and peed. Although they knew we had taken him to the vet a couple times with no solution, they took him to their vet and insisted there must be a medical reason. Their persistance paid off when, after many other tests, the vet tried a water deprivation trial and discovered Rickee has diabetes insipidus. Finally they were able to treat Rickee so he does not need to be so thirsty all the time.

Rickee’s family has been giving him all the best senior care as well as daily trots around the neighborhood to help him continue to lose weight. He was 110 pounds when we first met him in August and now he is down to 85 pounds. Rickee loves being an only dog and getting all the attention from his people.

This week he has been enjoying naps in the sunshine while his family takes the little ones to see Mickey’s house. We enjoy seeing how much Rickee has changed after just a few months of love and care. We love hearing from our MaPaw dogs after they have spent time in their new homes and gotten all the benefits of a loving family.
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