Chena and the Bunnies

beautiful, sweet Chena

Hello Puppies! It’s me, Chena. Life certainly hasn’t been easy on me, but I’m hanging in there and holding out for a new loving forever home. I’ve been playing with Ananya, she always was my favorite, and all the other dogs here in my foster home. I may be the smallest, but I’m quick! I like to use Ananya as a spring board when I bound across the yard.

AuntieToday Mommy and The Scary Man took me to visit Grandma and Grandpa. They have a Yellow Lab named Winnie. She’s only about a year old, but I guess technically she’s my Aunt Winnie. Here she is waiting impatiently for me to get out of the car and join her for some play.

Winnie and I played in the yard a little while. She showed me a nice muddy puddle for digging and shared her toys. She also ran and ran, which is something I really enjoy.Winnie and Chena playing

Then I spotted something that made me forget about Aunt Winnie. Is that what I think it is?snack in the distance?

It is! In fact, there are two! Two bunnies!yummy snacks!

I like bunnies. Can I have the bunnies?


Seriously, let me have the bunnies.

gimme gimmePuppies, I did not get ANY bunnies! I’ll remember though, that Aunt Winnie allows bunnies in her yard and I’ll be prepared next time.

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