Adventure of the Unavailable

Hi puppies, it is me, Magnum. I have not written a blog in quite a while, what with the holiday rush and all. Yesterday my siblings and I got a special trip to Evansburg State Park.

Mama and Papa know how hard we work fostering the other Sibes. They also know that the foster dogs get a lot of attention when they have to visit the vet and go to meet and greets and work on training, so sometimes Mama and Papa set aside a special trip just for those of us who are unavailable for adoption so we do not get too stressed.

We decided not to go swimming, even though it is certainly warm enough here, but we did stick our paws in the water.

We wear bright bandanas so nobody mistakes us for coyotes, bears, or Rottweilers (oops, sorry Bailey, you better just stay close.)

I found some mossy ruins of a stone house. The staircase was still standing. Unfortunately some misguided humans put graffitti on it.

After we agreed to pose for some pictures we met a nice Yellow Lab and his family. They thought I was a Malamute, but Mama said, no he’s just a very big Siberian Husky. In their defense, they probably were not close enough to see my crystal blue eyes.

I had a good time playing wolfy in the woods. Check out my wolfy shadow!

I had to stop playing wolfy because bridges are scary. Some of the bridges we crossed were missing boards. Those were extra scary.

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