Hello, my name’s Meeko and I’m a two-year-old Rott-n-Sibe. That means I’m half Siberian Husky and half Rottweiler. I came to live in my foster home a few weeks ago and I really like my foster parents and canine siblings. Last weekend my foster parents took me to a pet rescue fair in Lansdale where I sat and shook paws with a lot of nice people. I played with a few other Siberian Huskies, a Keeshond, and a Rottweiler. I even met a Mastiff. Whoa, he was big! He was elderly and didn’t want to play, so I was respectful. Later a Cocker Spaniel snapped at me, which I thought was terribly rude, so I left to go hang out with the Huskies again. In the afternoon my foster dad entered me in a competition called The Mutt Strut. I won a box of pretty treats in a category called Happiest Ears. My foster mom said Most Strikingly Handsome wasn’t a category or I certainly would have won that. Then my foster dad and I showed off how well I know Heel, Sit, Down, Paw, and Come. He says I would do well in competitive obedience because I’m so smart and willing to work. In the afternoon I met a girl who spent a long time petting me while here mom talked to my foster dad. She was quiet and very nice so I hope she asks to adopt me like my foster dad said she might.

After a good night’s sleep my foster parents took me and my three foster siblings to visit a friend of theirs who has three Siberian Huskies of his own. We played in their yard for a while and then in their basement. Their friend had something called a spiral staircase that two of my foster siblings had trouble maneuvering, but I liked running up, barking at the top for everyone else to follow, and then running back down. I like inventing games like that to keep everyone entertained. What a great weekend! I wish I could play that much everyday.

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