Meeko Finds his Home

The nice girl I met last weekend adopted me! I went to a park with my foster parents today to meet the girl and her mom again. They brought my new sister, Emma, who my foster parents called a Bichon Frise. Emma was a little frightened of me, so I let her know I was friendly by pawing at her head. Then I gave my new girl big hugs and bounced around. My foster parents took me back to their house to get my toys and other stuff and say goodbye to my foster siblings who have been so nice to me. Then we were off to my new house. I wandered all around the house, which is much bigger than my foster house, and even checked out the yard. Emma pouted on top the couch because she was a little concerned that I would take attention away from her, but she’ll warm up to me because I am so sweet and handsome. Who wouldn’t love me? I’m going to get to take walks with my new family and long car rides with my new girl while she travels. I’m really happy that I finally found a family who will keep me and I want to thank everyone who helped me get here. I hope every dog can be this lucky.

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