Puppies Update

>From the puppies caregiver and foster mom…

October 1, 2006

Kashmir & Sauki are still fighting this horrible illness. The yuck stuff that was coming out of the noses is starting to slow down. They both still have a very bad cough and shortness of breath. They are sleeping more. We are keeping a very close eye on them and doing everything we can to make them comfortable. They are still on medications. I am pushing the water to keep the girls hydrated. I have tons of newspapers and I change the crate several times a day & after nap times. I clean everything with bleach and water. The girls like to spend alot of time in the kitchen playing or sleeping on the floor.

Even though the girls are so sick, we have had the pleasure of seeing the different personalities emerging from them both.

Sauki is 17 lbs. and is still growing. Her coat is short and thin, but is filling in nicely with feeding her quality food. Sauki loves to play with tennis balls, soccer balls, bugs, squeaky toys, Kong bone,sticks and any shoe she can find. We put the shoes away or she will run off with them any chance she gets. She is a spunky girl and loves to be near you and will climb up on your lap to be held and give you kisses. As her personality emerges she will talk to you occasionally. She loves to play with you and likes to play fetch with tennis balls, sticks, etc. But
can easily be distracted by a blowing leaf or a bug. On the warmer days she likes to lay in the sun under a tree watching the cars go.

Kashmir has a beautiful full coat of fur that is thick like typical husky fur. Kashmir is a petite little girl(only 15 lbs. and still growing) who absolutely loves to tell you what she thinks. If you ask her something she will usually answer you back. If you are not paying enough attention to her she will scold you to get your attention. She moves her head and body as she talks to you. She has discovered that playing with bugs, like her sister is fun. She loves sticks, bugs, soccer balls, squeaky toys, Kong bone and anything she can put in her mouth. She will climb up on you to give kisses and to be held. She loves to lay under a tree and sneak attack her sister.

Both girls love belly rubs and to be snuggled and held. They know how to climb baby gates. They are master escape artist and learn very quickly and watch you when you are doing things. They are very intelligent and thinkers. These pups are highly motivated and we are introducing them how to sit, stay, no, leave it, walking on a leash and they are doing very well. We use these basic commands during our usual daily routine with the pups. Feeding time, going out for potty breaks, sitting for treats, sit/stay for food, sitting for medications. Short walks out of the car into the vets on a leash. They ride well in the car for short periods at this time.

They both are typical fun loving pups who just love to be with you and having a great adventure and discovering anything they can. I strongly recommend that when they are adopted that they go to a house that has a tall strong fence and constant supervision while they are outside. Since they like to climb and may escape if left unattended, even for a short period of time. We have them under constant supervision since they are so smart and never leave them unattended in the fenced in yard.

Even though these girls have been so sick they have been a pleasure to be with. We will miss them when they go.

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