Age: About 5 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Giroux is a super sweet boy, very gentle and appears to like kids of all ages and so far his exposure to large dogs. He does not appear to have been leash walked in his past so his foster home is working on that and making progress. He listens to the commands of sit and stay and takes treats gently. He also likes to snatch food out of your hand so his foster home is working on redirecting his food assertiveness as well. He has been left home (not crated) and has done very well without getting into anything (great for a Husky!!). While his foster home continues to learn about him and help him be a great boy, he will be looking for his forever home!


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Age: 2 year old
Sex: Male
Size: Medium

Meet Tahoe!
This gorgeous Husky/Shepherd mix was found as a stray and ended up at the shelter.   We then pulled him from the shelter and promised to find him a wonderful forever family.  He loves people and dogs!



Age: 1 year old
Sex: Female
Size: Medium

Meet Flurry! She is a 1 year old husky that was surrendered to a shelter due to being too active for her previous owners. She is a husky puppy and, true to the breed, is very active and playful! Flurry has oodles of energy and loves to run around and play with the other dogs. She would do best in a home with a companion dog and a husky savvy owner.



Age: 11 years young
Sex: Female
Size: Average

Foxy was surrendered to the SPCA after being found as a stray. Foxy is a Basenji/Husky mix, about 45-50 pounds and spayed. She is about 11 years young and has a very independent personality. She gets along well with other dogs and loves people! She walks well on a leash and is housebroken.

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Congratulations Merlot!

When Merlot joined MaPaw, she quickly became the pup that everyone wanted to add to their family. She absolutely adores people and enjoys the company of other pups.

We knew it wouldn’t take long for Merlot to find the perfect home and we weren’t wrong! She is now the very lucky member of a wonderful family that is dedicated to spoiling her!


Congratulations to Merlot and her new family!

Merlot was adopted on March 16th.