Age: About 2 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Meet Big Al, a one eye handsome devil full of personality and mischief! We first met this boy when the shelter called us. He had an infected eye and his owner did not want him back. It was determined that the healthy course was to remove his eye and there are no residual problems. He can see clearly with his remaining baby blue and one eye doesn’t slow him down one bit!

Our two-year-old pal will be best in a Siberian savvy home – a sense of humor is a plus! Al loves people and other dogs his size to play with him and keep him busy. He lives up to the husky standards – he is an escape artist and will help himself to things (food, socks, remotes…) left in his path. Al means well, you can tell it in his eye as he cuddles up with you ready to love.

Al has stolen our hearts (and several other things in the house). He is a wonderful Siberian who is looking for his forever home that will understand his husky ways. Are you up for the Siberian challenge??


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