Age: 14 months
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Saber came into rescue because of family changes that would have left him home alone for too many hours, and they wanted Saber to have the companionship this good boy deserves.

Saber’s foster mom has only good things to say about this playful and silly young boy. He gets along with other dogs, likes people, and is reportedly good with kids. Saber is trustworthy in the house and respects boundaries (no counter surfing or need for a crate). He has loads of energy but easily calms down when need be. Saber knows all of his basic commands: paw, sit, down, and stay. This boy just loves life and is always ready to tell you so! He’s a mouthy pup who enjoys a good conversation (or argument) on just about anything. This handsome sweetheart is about as perfect a young Husky as you’ll find!

Saber has great fun playing with his two husky foster brothers, so he’d probably enjoy a sibling who has the same energy level as he does, however if he’s adopted into a home where he receives lots of loving attention and has some playful doggy friends, he’ll probably be quite happy enjoying his top dog status!

saber tryptic

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