Age: About 3 years
Sex: Female
Size: Average

Beautiful Natti’s foster mom tells us that she is an absolute sweetheart! A “kissy face”, fun loving pup who is ready for any adventure and rides well in the car. She loves going for walks, hikes, runs, or just cuddling with you. Natti is very smart and learns things quite easily. She has a miscieveous side (what husky doesn’t?) but she’s pretty obedient as well. Natti seems to like all other dogs. She hasn’t been tested with cats but when out on adventures she shows all the signs of a strong prey drive toward small animals.

Natti likes to be with her people as much as possible (she will always be wherever you are in the house) so she’s not looking for a home that will leave her alone for 7 – 8 hours each day. When you do come home after being out, she will greet you at the door like none other! Natti is an all around great gal who is looking for her own bestie to love. If you’re looking for someone to lovingly spend your days and nights with (in bed too), then Nattie might be the right pup for you.

natti dyptic

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