Congratulations Storm!

Age:9 months

Storm is a 9 month old Siberian puppy that is as sweet as can be! This poor little guy came in with a fractured rear leg. He and his canine pal were racing down the stairs and Storm got bowled over, breaking his leg. X-rays and examination by our rescue vet determined he would require surgery and placement of a plate and pins to properly repair his leg.
Storm has been a trooper! Despite his initial pain, he greeted everyone with kisses, wanting to be loved and wanting to love everyone. He quickly stole our hearts. Surgery was performed two days after he came to us and the healing has begun.
Now the hard part ~ keeping a Siberian puppy quiet! Storm is being a fantastic patient and is being leash walked by all of us. He is content to sniff and walk slowly through the fields. He is also allowed in the play yard when the other dogs aren?t out there inviting him to play. He loves to lie in the grass and just be near one of us.
Storm will require approximately two months to heal. He will have post-operative x-rays to determine his progress and once the splint is off we will gradually allow him more activity.
We are so proud of Storm and are honored to be able to help him!

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