Congratulations Fred!!

Fred is a 6 month puppy that is full of life! True to the breed he is an active, mischievous and loveable little guy. He sure is cute and there is a good reason for that ~ mischief just looks for Fred!

Fred will require another medium to large dog to play with in a sturdy, tall fence to keep him safe and sound. His prior family loved him dearly, but as an only dog he was not able to get all of that puppy energy out. A tired husky is a good husky!

Fred will need a family that has large dog experience and preferably Siberian savvy. Fred needs continued training so he will grow up as a wonderful companion. A sense of humor is also needed and patience to teach Fred manners i.e. dishes in the sink are not up for grabs and when the refrigerator is opened it is not polite to snag food off the bottom shelf.

Fred is a great pup that is has much love to give and has a great potential. He loves other dogs and especially people. If you are up for the husky puppy challenge, have time and patience and are looking for a long-term commitment, please consider Fred!

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