AnastasiaAnastasia2Congratulations Anastasia!!

Anastasia is a beautiful silver and white Siberian Husky born on August 1, 2012. She was born with a defective front leg that resembled a chicken wing, however, it did not slow her down at all. As a young puppy she broke the leg when racing and sliding under a bed and it was felt best to remove the rest of her leg.
This active and friendly, tripod? keeps up with the fastest of dogs and she is quite the digger. She romps and plays with everyone until she tires out. Then it is time for a quick Siberian snooze and more play time.
Anastasia is a very vocal girl that loves to sing. She will also hold her own in any conversation you may wish to have. She is a young and high energy gal that also enjoys quality cuddle time with her people.
Anastasia has been raised around kids (8 and older), but no small pets please! She’
d love to have another active canine playmate to tire her out and keep her out of mischief.


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