Age: 3 years

Sex: Male

Size: Average

Neiko (1)Neiko (3)

Neiko is a very handsome three year old boy that has so much love to give. This social pup has never met a person or fellow canine (medium or large) that he hasn?t instantly loved. Due to his breed and youth, he will need an active family and a secure 6-foot fence to keep him safe and sound.

Neiko is thrilled with all of the snow this year as his favorite pastimes are playing in the snow until he is good and tired. Then he looks forward to snuggling with his family and sharing the couch. He is a lover!

Sadly Neiko must find a new forever home due to circumstances beyond his control. He is a wonderful pup and he is just waiting to find that special person that will be his best forever friend.


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