Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Size: Average
Congratulations Duke!

Meet Duke ~ Doogie to his friends!  This 1 year old pup is a bi-eyed beauty with one brown eye and one baby blue.  Duke is a handsome pup with lots of husky energy! He is very friendly and loves attention from his human friends. And everyone is his friend, he knows no strangers. He loves to walk. He is good with other dogs his size or larger ~ true to the breed he is not good with small dogs, cats or critters.  He is crate trained and learning to be trustworthy in the house.

Doogie is a loveable and playful pup who is learning his manners very well.  Duke is at a young age with a high energy level and will be best placed with someone who is able to spend a lot of time with him and have patience with his future training to be a fantastic companion and buddy. Of course, a sense of humor is a definite plus… Duke is a great pup looking for a great home where he can love and be loved.

If you looking for a new friend, this guy might be the right one for you!

Duke 2

Duke 3

Duke 1

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