In Memory of Jack

Age: 10 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Rest in Peace

June 25, 2013 – Today, under a shade tree at the farm, Jack, Pat and I had a quiet
going away party. Jack enjoyed meatballs and part of a cheeseburger, as he lifted his frail head towards the breeze. It was the first time he had eaten anything substantial for 3 days and he could no longer walk. He began his final journey, circled with love.
Jack ~ wear your silver harness with pride ~ you no longer have limitations or pain and you are whole again. God Speed sweet boy,
candles are lit for your dance among the stars to the Bridge. Go swiftly, you have a special super moon to guide your way.

Jack is a MaPaw alum that sadly found his way back to rescue after two years. We are lucky to have him back and he is lucky to be with us. For reasons we will never understand, his family chose not to let us know that they could no longer keep him and, instead, they abandoned him at a local shelter. Fortunately, the shelter found out he was a MaPaw dog and immediate arrangements were made to bring Jack back to MaPaw.

When Jack arrived at the farm, we greeted him with gentle hugs and tears. He was obviously very sick and in pain. His hind end is very weak and arthritic. All testing and blood work points towards cancer. After discussions with the vet and taking into account Jack’s physical condition, it is agreed that we will let our big boy continue to enjoy his life and not subject him to invasive procedures and/or surgery.

Jack has been with us for six months now and has settled into his own routine ~ a little exploring and mingling with some of the other pups and then back to his warm bed in the office. Please send good thoughts and “sibe vibes” for Jack. He is a happy boy that is being pampered and loved here with his friends.

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