A Familiar Face Returns to MaPaw

Getting a phone call from a local shelter is not a rare occurrence, but getting a phone call from a local shelter saying they had a MaPaw dog has NEVER happened.

The voice on the other end of the line was familiar. It was our contact at a local shelter. What she was saying just didn’t make any sense to us. A Siberian Husky had been brought into the shelter by his owner who could no longer keep him because the family was getting divorced. When our contact at the shelter started going through the paperwork that accompanied “Diesel”, she came across vet records that listed MaPaw. She immediately picked up the phone and called us. Of course, we said we’ll pick him up and quickly made arrangements to spring him from the shelter. At that time, we still couldn’t figure out which dog this was at the shelter. We hadn’t had any pups named Diesel that matched his description.

Our volunteers went to the shelter to pick him up and started him on his way toward the Farm. When he finally made it to the Farm, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was Jack! Jack had been found in Philadelphia, PA, on July 4th in 2009.

Poor Jack was clearly painful in his hind end and he was very sick. A round of antibiotics and TLC helped him spring back. Blood work has shown he has high calcium levels and the doctor suspects cancer. We aren’t sure how long we will have with Jack, but we are so grateful that he found his way back to us so that we can make sure he is loved and spoiled for as long as we have with him.

We don’t understand why his owner took him to the shelter rather than call us. We would have certainly made room for Jack. We’ll never know why his owner didn’t call us, but we do know that Jack is safe now.

~ Scout

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