Age: 20 Months
Sex: Female
Size: Average

Congratulations Ice!!!

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Ice is a happy 20 month old Siberian puppy that is just full of energy and fun! This girl is a diva and she knows it. She is full of sweetness and spunk and is always on the go. She is a black and white splash coat with striking blue eyes and a personality that you will fall in love with. She is wonderful with other dogs her size and she loves people.

Due to Ice’s high energy level and constant curiosity, she must be placed in a home with another active, young canine companion that will keep up with her and join in her play. She will also require a sturdy, tall fence to keep her safe and sound. A sibe savvy home with a sense of humor and puppy patience is a plus!

This girl has a lifetime of love and laughter to give to a lucky home where she can fit in and be a very special part of the family.


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